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Words of a Teen Writer

April 25th, 2010

I'm back! Oh my! @ 01:10 am

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I can't say much except for: Wow! I haven't been on here in so long! I'm not even currently working on Forbidden Race anymore. My new WIP (Work-In-Progress) is called Scratch. I'll post a synopsis of it shortly, maybe. Since I am terrible at writing them, my good friend Ashley wrote one for me after I rambled on about it to her.

I'm still currently in the planning stages of it, which means I haven't written a word of it yet. But one of my goals tonight is to at least start on my first chapter. :)

Also, I am about to start back up on my weekly writing goals. Which I'll post on here each day, maybe. I'm also going to try and set some goals of where I'd like to be each day.

Here is my list for tonight:
  1. Work on getting a writing folder together to carry with me. 
  2. Start on Chapter One.
  3. Work on Chapter One outline.
And that is most likely all for tonight. Other than setting up my writing goals! Which I forgot to put up! Oh well! ;)

Ta ta for now! 


January 30th, 2009

Eighteen Week Goal @ 04:21 am

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I'm actually pretty proud of myself tonight. I thought about everything for Forbidden Race for a little while and worked out some stuff. Then decided to work on redoing my novel outline. I finished it! I think it is destined to have only eighteen long chapters in the first book. With my original outline and my new outline, they both came out as eighteen chapters! Really bizarre, no?

Anywho, I'm working on my chapter one outline again. Redoing it and then going to work on the actual first chapter itself. I have a goal: write the first draft in 18 weeks. Seriously! Eighteen chapters, eighteen weeks. A chapter a week. Then going to try and force myself to forget about it for a couple of week then come back and read back over it. Then maybe leave it, again, for a couple of weeks then come back and rewrite it!

Then we'll see what goes from there. Hopefully I can do this.

Wish me luck!


January 28th, 2009

Forbidden Race @ 03:50 am

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Alright, so I am still doing Forbidden Race. I just needed to stop for a while and push it out of my mind to come up with a plan. I needed to find a way to turn it around a bit because I wasn't  happy with how things were. So, I did! A lot has changed, but it's still the same, in a way. If that even makes sense. Forgive me, it's four in the morning and I'm terribly tired since I've been going to bed around midnight the last couple of nights. I'm about to go to bed, but decided to come and update everyone on things. I did some changes to my outlines tonight, not through with it. But I'm afraid if I go any further with it they'll all end up dead from exhaustion!

In other news—even though it has nothing to do with Forbidden Race, kind of—Kate has finished my layout! That means I can fix up my site and open it. Really excited for that! But not sooo excited that I'm gonna stay up and work on it all night, like I'd normally do. I'm getting old!

Anyways, off to bed with me.
If anyone wants to contact me with any questions or anything, email me at mandywriter92@gmail.com.



January 23rd, 2009

Abducted by Aliens @ 04:54 am

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I am terribly sorry for not posting anything, in what? A month? Dear Goddess! I was really busy with school work, the holidays,emails, and my new book review blog. Yes, I have a book review blog. (Nocturnal Reviews) I have written in a little while. I'm sorry to say, but I kind of stopped on Forbidden Race. You could say I turned it to a different way. Changed most of the things. I just didn't like the idea anymore.

Hopefully I'll be writing again soon. I miss it. I'm not quite ready to put my ideas on paper—Well, word document—just yet. I guess I'm a little afraid of it becoming jinxed. BUT I will try and put all my ideas down soon, so I can get to writing. I need to create a couple of hours to do writing, and writing alone. Nothing else!

Well, okay, talking too! For some reason I can't write without talking to people, most of the time. What can I say? I'm a weird woman. But oh well!

So there you go. I didn't disappear, or get kidnapped or abducted by aliens. Just have been busy and haven't written in a little while.

Kate, my host, says she should have the layout for my website done by the end of the week. At which I will be fixing up and opening my site then! I'm so excited! But that also means I'm gonna have a whole list of responsibilities and things to keep up on. So I can't abandon them, like I apparently did with my Live Journal for a while.

Again, terribly sorry! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Years!



December 24th, 2008

Happy Holidays! @ 03:37 am

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This is going to be a short post, but happy Holidays to whichever holiday you celebrate today! For me, it's Christmas. :) I'm going to have lots of fun. Well, in the evening. All the way up before then is school work and writing and lots of caffeine since I'm not going to sleep.

When my mother gets home I have to help her wrap more gifts(Wish me luck!) and then we're going over to my Nanny's house, as said in my post last night. I haven't seen my Nanny in a while, so this is going to be fun. I love her to death!

I may get a bit behind in my writing due to being behind in school work. It sucks. But I promise I'll write as much as I can, when I can!

Have a happy and safe holiday!


December 23rd, 2008

Freezing! @ 05:10 am

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Okay, I know I just posted about an hour ago, but I just had to say this.
It is freezing here! And I was telling someone about it because we were comparing temperatures. I looked on the desktop of my laptop(I have a widget for temperatures in my area.) and it said 38 degrees! I couldn't believe it. So I went out into the garage to check some of my dad's spiffy high-tec digital thermometers and one of them read 30 degrees and the other 33. I just stared at them for a moment, thinking something was wrong. But it's real!
I really wish it would snow. I've never been in the snow, sadly. I've only seen it in pictures and movies. Everyone is always complaining about it. I wanna complain about it, too! Really! I wanna be all, "I hate you snow!" and then remember the times I wanted snow so badly.
I know, I'm a strange person.

Keep warm everyone, and enjoy your snow! Think of the people who don't have any and who wants it. :)



The Joy of Wrapping Christmas Presents @ 03:09 am

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Christmas is almost here! Tomorrow(Yes, tomorrow, since it's 3:12 AM Tuesday morning.) I have to wrap more presents and then go over to my Nanny's(Grandmother's)house for Christmas dinner and presents, then come back home and open more gifts! On Thursday we go over to my Mema's(Step-Grandmother's) for another Christmas dinner and more presents. Busy schedule. But lots of presents. :D

I had to help my Mom wrap some presents for people at her work earlier. She was sick for a little while and didn't feel like doing them, so I helped.  Four of the gifts were these gift sets of shampoo and other things. They were so annoying to wrap and I was set out on wrapping them as perfect as possible. I failed miserably. I bet her co-workers are gonna think that it was wrapped by a six year old.

Oh well, though. They are gonna tear the paper to bits anyways. When I open presents I mostly try to open them very neatly so I won't tear the paper. I don't know why...

Unfortunately I've hit some kind of block. It's not exactly 'writer's block' because I know what I want to write. But I just can't bring myself to start writing. I just keep opening the document and then start doing something else. I've been editing a lot of pictures lately because I have Paint Shop Pro 9 now, I think I'm addicted. So I guess that is it.... Hopefully.

I'm planning on opening the document and closing out of everything else, when I'm through with this, and write.

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday and get everything(Possible!) that you want. :)


December 20th, 2008

Finally Writing! @ 06:00 am

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Yes, I finished the rough draft for the outlines of the first novel in my series and I finished the first chapter outline as well, so I am beginning to write. Finally! I'm so excited to finally be writing. I've been very excited through the whole planning process as well, and I'm happy I have the whole first novel outlined, for right now. I will be keeping everyone as updated as I possibly can without giving out spoilers.
Next week is Christmas holiday! I'm so excited. I hope everyone else is as excited as I am for it, with whichever holiday you celebrate for it.

Happy Holidays!


December 17th, 2008

Outlining Stage @ 11:42 pm

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Sorry for taking so long to post. I have been pretty busy with my novel and school work. Which, by the way, I'm in the outlining stage. Whoo! Will soon be writing, which is the best part. I've come up with a name for it (Not a title!) with the help of my friend Dave. It is called 'Forbidden Race' at the moment. I have decided that I want to have four books in the series, two for each year my protagonist is at this school, which is two. And that is ALL I'm going to say on that.

I've made some scene cards and I'm moving into the outlining stage. Which I will be working on as soon as this post is done.
I've also given a name to my protagonist, which I will not let out. I've done a lot in this stage, which I'm very thrilled about. I haven't looked up anymore agents lately, but I will start looking again as soon as I start writing. I can't exactly contact any of them in this stage, but it's always good to be prepared and know what you want before it happens!

Sorry that I don't have much to post. I've done A LOT of stuff, but I can't put it up in fear of spoilers and leaks.

I hope everyone is having a good week!


December 12th, 2008

Agent search and Ugly Weather @ 12:19 am

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Yes, the title says a lot! I stayed up all night Thursday procrastinating, when I should have been writing or doing some other form of important thing. I am easily distracted at times and spend hours upon hours of surfing the net for sometimes pointless things. I really should try to find a way to fix my procrastinating that somehow helps me do it less. I have about a kazillion(Okay, not quite that many. But you know what I mean!)tabs up. Which most of them are for different literary agents and tips on how to find the perfect agent. This is very hard! Seriously! I don't know how I am going to pick through all the ones I've written down.
I know that I'm no where near finishing my novel yet, but I wanted to get a huge start at finding one. I went through a lot of their guidelines and they are amazing. I could more than likely send what I do have written right now, to most of these agents.
I guess I'm a bit worried if anyone will be the slightest bit interested in what I have though. Which I know is not a right way to think, but it's a big fear of mine. But oh well, I have my amazing people to help me get through it.:)
Okay, onto almost scarier things than getting rejected by huge agents. Today was a very ugly day. As soon as it was time for the sun to come up, I could tell it was going to be a rainy day. Which I was fine with, until a tornado warning came into effect. It was insanely windy and really dark outside. I get very paranoid when it gets like that. I don't mind the rain or storms, as long as it doesn't get too bad. I'm not a very fun person to be with when that happens. I most likely bug the hell out of anyone I can get in contact with.
I know, very pathetic, but I can't help it. :P



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